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GeoStone Ashlar Pattern

What it boils down to is.......


GeoStone is all about simplicity of design and construction.  Our method for installing an ashlar pattern using the GeoStone 4" and 8" blocks is a testament to this.  Most TRUE ashlar systems use 3 to 6 (or more) different sizes in their configuration.  More sizes means more production cost as well as palleting, shipping, and installation.  GeoStone has only two sizes in product that is used regularly for standard wall construction, meaning it will be readily available.  Those who try it, immediately realize the advantages of GeoStone Ashlar and refuse to use anything less.


Featured:  Residential Installation of a GeoStone Segmental Retaining Wall using the multiple piece procedure.  This procedure gives the retaining wall a random pattern and breaks up the horizontal lines so common in retaining walls of this type.  This video goes in depth on how to prepare your footing as well as modify the blocks to create this pattern.  Most multiple piece patterned walls are horribly expensive but GeoStone has come up with a way to create this look without the added cost.


This GeoStone Retaining Wall was designed and built by Trimm Landscape of Trussville, AL.


Ratio of 8” Landscape Block to 4” Standard Block - 1:1 (SF)

50% 8" block : 38% 4" whole block : 12% 4" cut block

504 sq ft wall (14 pallets) = 7 pallets 8" / 5 pallets 4" / 2 pallets 4" cut

The Next Generation of Modular Retaining Wall Systems