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GeoStone 3D Structural Wall Designs

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Often retaining walls are built to allow construction on two separate elevations in close proximity to each other.  In commercial applications especially, this brings on strict adherence to codes.  Parking lots for example have to be a certain width and length to allow for "X" number of parking spaces.  The sidewalks must be a certain width as well.  The animation above shows just such a case but with a twist.  The wall's height varies.  Combine that with set widths for structures above and wall batter and it complicates things a bit.  Basically, your variable is your base.  It will have to move forward and back to accommodate the batter with respect to wall height.  For this reason, we designed this wall from the top down.  As you can see, the model was built block by block to show as much accuracy as possible.  This would allow us to show how and where the walls would transition from true vertical to 7° batter.


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