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This procedure is only necessary in the most extreme conditions.

Most installations do not require this procedure.  Please contact your local GeoStone Rep prior to construction.

GeoStone - Positive Connection Installation

What it boils down to is.......


GEOLOCK creates a bond between the wall and the geogrid reinforcing that is unmatched in the retaining wall industry. The connection strength becomes the ultimate strength of the geogrids, making this segmental retaining wall construction method the most powerful in the hardscape and commercial construction industry.


Featured:  GeoStone Retaining Wall Systems presents the installation of a structural segmental retaining wall.  This wall was built to support an access road for heavy commercial delivery vehicles.  GeoStone typically uses a process that involves geogrid reinforcement for walls of this nature but in this case we decided to use our patented GEOLOCK positive connection method for the ultimate in strength and connection.

The Next Generation of Modular Retaining Wall Systems