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Why Choose GeoStone?

What it boils down to is.......


GeoStone is what is referred to as a "Second Generation" modular or segmental retaining wall system.  It was developed to be a more user-friendly module, proving that the open-core concept utilizing Rock Interlock was much more efficient unit for building modular walls.  Open core provides superior connection and drainage which are the two most important factors in successful segmental retaining wall applications.  This concept eliminates the need for cumbersome lips and lugs as well as costly pins that are necessary to the design of so many of the other older systems.  We encourage you to contact us about further advantages of GeoStone as well as research them for yourself here on this website.  We think you will be impressed by what this product can do.


Rock Interlock/Open Core Connection  •  Ashlar Pattern  •  Corner Procedure




GeoStone Retaining Wall Systems

GeoStone Retaining Wall Systems is a two part system.

  • 4" x 18" x 12" - 36 lb Landscape block
  • 8" x 18" x 12" - 72 lb Standard block


Both are a stand-alone system capable of building fully structural engineered retaining walls of major heights.  They can also be used in combination for banding or true ashlar wall systems (see ashlar gallery).  The ashlar retaining wall is a major advantage to any installer or manufacturer not only because of its look but because of its price.  GeoStone Ashlar is normally half the cost of most other ashlar systems on the market.  The success and satisfaction of those who have tried it is a testament to what a great retaining wall system GeoStone truly is.


  • 4" x 18" x 12" - 36 lb Landscape block
    • Most are surprised to know that 75% all GeoStone block sold are 4" Landscape.  This is not because of the retail market.  This is because professional landscapers know that this is the biggest kept secret in the professional landscape market.  This wall module is hands down the easiest block to build with.  Walls as tall as 23 feet have been built with this product and are supporting commercial drives.  Its power is identical to its "big brother" the 8" standard.
    • You can actually build a wall faster with this block.  Don't believe me?  Watch the speed technique video showing the 4" landscape block (its only about a minute long).
  • 8" x 18" x 12" - 72 lb Standard block
    • The original open core system.  This block is the pioneer for today's modular wall systems in that after its introduction to the market, most other systems began opening their core to reduce weight, increase connection strength, and drainage capability.  Its superior power and drainage to this day prove it to be the block of choice for commercial wall construction.  There is no block on the market that is quicker to lay, or more cost effective to install.



Both units in this modular wall system utilize Rock Interlock for their connection



If you would like more information on GeoStone Retaining Wall Systems, Inc. licensing and manufacturing opportunities, please contact us at 205-678-9969 or email at web@geostone.com



The Next Generation of Modular Retaining Wall Systems