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GeoStone Speed Installation Procedure - Field Installation

What it boils down to is.......


Quite frequently, customers who have never used the GeoStone Landscape block (4"x18"x12") ask me why I recommend using this product over a full sized module (8"x18"x12"). It is easy to see that the Landscape block builds a much more esthetically pleasing wall, and at 36 lbs, handling the product would be much easier than a full size module at 75+ lbs. The biggest argument I get is "yeah but you have to lay twice as many so the installation would take twice as long."



The lighter weight and smaller size make it easier to maneuver and allow for the above technique. I have personally seen this technique performed by professional crews in the field and it is impressive. The efficiency is something any hardscape contractor or do-it-yourselfer who has ever build any type of segmental retaining wall would respect and try to emulate in the future. When done correctly, there is no other way to stack out a segmental retaining wall.


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